African Youth Summit - The Future season 9

2018-05-26 11:00 Awka - Anambra State

If you are not informed, you will be deformed. Information is Key and Power. You will be highly informed, empowered, sensitized, and entertained... African Youth Summit [AYS] - The Future - SEASON 9 is here. Keep the date 26th May, 2018.

Just imagine the atmosphere when Frank Edwards and Samsong is in the building. Trust me these guys will bring down the building.

"Whatever you focus on with emotional intensity becomes your ultimate reality"- P.Iykes.
P.Iykes and Dr. Akhigbe needs no introduction. Get ready for a mental revolution with these two veterans in one Event. Generations unborn who were not privileged to be in their generation will one day in their life wonder what it would have looked like to have experienced them speak live in an event than just listening to their videos or audios. Listen to these men speak live in an event now you have the opportunity.

All these taking place in The Future Season 9. @ Emmaus House - Awka - Anambra State  -  Nigeria.

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