African Youth Summit - The Future season 8

2017-05-27 10:00 CiHCOTEL HOTEL, AWKA


A man that travel round the world behold the latest of development but he that travel through his mind cultivates the future of development. He that invest in a company's stock subscribe to enjoy the company's profit but he that invest in the stock of his mind becomes a company that the world patronize.

No man is disabled as he who can't employ his mind. No man is primitive as he who neglect to travel through his mind. No man is bankrupt as he who refuse to invest in his mind. No man is privileged as he who interact with his mind.

We are a top producer of crude oil, we can also be top world inventors/producer of several treasures. Crude oil was crude non-sense, it became liquid gold by high-sense and the high-sense by which crude became gold is now working on turning water into fuel. NIGERIA BEWARE, Liquid gold has become liquid-prison that enslaves other treasures that we have.

Nigeria must repent and attend to other treasures else we shall shed liquid tears when the wind of new inventions as a result of technology advancement and the digital age displaces crude oil.

Join us as we look at THE FUTURE in African Youth Summit 2017 - The Future Season 8.
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