Purpose Driven Ladies Int'l(PDLI)

2021-03-27 00:00

Purpose Driven Ladies (PDL) is an arm of The Better Tomorrow Development Initiative [BTDI]. It was born out of great love and passion for Ladies. It emerged to groom, train, teach and transform ladies into becoming great instruments that would positively change the world.

 PDLI seeks to help ladies discover their God-given purpose in life- to add their value and flavour to their environment, society and world at large. 

In this platform, ladies go through a phase of growth. Girls become ladies and then ladies into women of worth. They undergo different trainings, close supervision, constant follow-ups to see that they meet the demand of everything expected of a purpose driven lady. 

In this platform, ladies are made to understand  that every purpose is equally indispensable. No talent or skill is a waste but are all very effective if well utilized and applied. Asides skills and talents, a major factor that can't be overemphasized is character.

 The topic of attitude, character, inner building of one's self determines how far you can go no matter the success attained. 

Women of value and character are raised. Women with principles and virtues are built. women guided on the know-hows of marriage and the tenets of maintaining a family are groomed. Women who have love and passion for God and the kingdom emerge here. Women our world can't do without are products of the PDLI platform.

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