Who we are

We are the best - Driven with passion for National transformation

Welcome to The Better Tomorrow Development Initiative [BTDI] !
BTDI came into existence in the 2009 as a result of problem of increased rate of ignorance and social vices amongst the youth in our society. We fight ignorance and promote self-reliance amongst youths.

The Better Tomorrow Developement Initiative [BTDI] is a Non Governmental Organisation[NGO] with the passion of transforming Nigerian youths to maximise their potential and contribute to the development of Nigeria and Africa at large.

BTDI is a platform for discovery development and deployment of nation builders. In BTDI, you are not only taught the principles of success, but equipped and given the platform to be trained and live that successful life in your business, Career and family.

Aims and Objectives

  1. To empower youths to fulfil their potential and contribute to the development of Nigeria.
  2. To fight ignorance amongst youths and promote issues that assist in improving the living conditions of youths.
  3. To protect the girl child .
  4. To protect the ladies from every form of domestic abuse.
  5. To fight for rights and freedom youths in the society.
  6. To organize educational programs and packages for children that would contribute to the achievement of growth and development in Africa.
  7. To cater for welfare and social needs of children.
  8. To sensitize the youths on the need to shun violence.
  9. To leave a blue print that will serve as a reference material to the upcoming generation.
  10. To ensure grass root participation in governance.
  11. To create awareness campaign on prevention of HIV/AIDS/STD amongst youths.
  12. To sensitise communities on basic hygiene and waste management.

Our Subject Areas

To be the best - Learn from the best

Leadership Development
Capacity Building
Poverty Alleviation
Children Welfare
Girl Child Protection
Domestic Abuse
Business Mentorship
Youth Empowernment

Our Believe and Method

We believe in the beauty of our dream of eradicating ignorance and raising nation builders - The future belongs to us.

Our Vision


Our vision is to empower the youths to be self reliant and make meaningful contribution and participation in the socio-economic and political streams in the society. To help every youth realize that they have a role to play in nation building.


Our Mision


To Eradicate Ignorance Amongst The Youths And Help Them Maximize Their Potentials.


OUR Team

This is the team that keep our big dream functional

P.Kachy Samwealth


He is a Youth Developer and strongly believe in the dream of a new Nigeria

Engr. Arthurich Chigozie


He is a Digital asset consultant and strongly believe in the dream of a new Nigeria

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